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Founded in 2009,Reaper has grown profitably through the years to become one of the true leading manufacturers of liquid crystal Display(LCD)technology.

With a total of 6200 square meters of manufacturing space,Reaper is fully equipped to handle the market needs for Color STN,chip-on glass(COG),chip-on film(COF),tape-automated-bonding(TAB),chip-on board(COB) and surface-mount technology(SMT) LCD moule designs.

Why Choose Us

more than 6 years experience in LCD industry.

Design and manufacture with over 50 R&D engineers.

Faster delivery by express or by air.

Small order is accepted, we treat every order seriously.

Professional team to offer fast response and service.

5 years OEM experience from US and Europe.

Full product lines for 3C device and accessories.

Timely industry news and products for reference.

Customer Review

  • Because of Combining with good quality and on time delivery ,Reaper set up good image in my mind . They always exert all their strength serving us in right way.

    Reaper's quick respond and arriving at the both target is beyond our imagine.

  • I'd like to built long-term partnerships with Reaper for their Total Quality Management & diligent teamwork.

    We trust Reaper for their long-term LCD field hardworking and getting the latest techonlogy applying in new products.

  • Customizing lcd display as our request and solving problem efficiently is so great for both of us.

    I appriciated very much Reaper being so professional in techonlogy and service.

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